Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to change android touch sound

its not my hand on the picture and its not my phone anyway lets start

First: you need rooted android phone
Second: you need root explorer you can download in here
            - v3.1.8 (apk galaxy)
            - v3.1.1 (this blog)
Third: you need the sound files you can download here CLICKME
           The file format must be .ogg
           Use any converter (i used oxelon) to convert into .ogg
Note: always make a backup before replace anything from the system files

1. Open root explorer
2. Go to system 

2. Go to media

3. Go to audio

4.  Go to ui

 5. Find TW_Touch.ogg and replace it with any sound that you like

Example i want replace with footstep sound

1. Extract the sound files from winrar if download from the link that i give
2. Convert it to .ogg
3. Pick any sound files that you like( i choose footfall_click) and rename it to TW_Touch.ogg
   Ex: footfall_click.ogg ==> TW_Touch.ogg

4. Go to the system files and delete the TW_Touch on system files

5. Move/Copy the TW_Touch that you have renamed to the system files

6. Restart your phone and done

Its not only touch sound that you can change, you also can change the camera sound, Boot sound and many things just rename the the files like in the system files and replace it